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harmless Cocoa: AMIndeterminateProgressIndicatorCell
AMIndeterminateProgressIndicatorCell 2007-03-16 00:28:52
Indeterminate progress indicator cell. Will work at any size.
Also included is a controller class for table columns with progress indicators.
von Andreas www.harmless.de

I uploaded a new version. Should now run without problems.

Note: Do not try to replace an NSButton's cell with something that is not an NSButtonCell.

I'm using NSControls for the demo application instead. I remember fixing that before, but I guess I forgot to commit that change to my svn repository and so the old, broken version sneaked in again.

von Andreas www.harmless.de

Hm. Maybe I had an old version lying around and mixed something up. Thanks for telling me, I'll check it later in the day.

von Wilfried Bernard www.mcwareusa.com

OK, since the _canBecomeDefaultButtonCell is a private method to NSButton I replaced the MainMenu.nib file of your new project with the old one and the problem is gone. Hence your new MainMenu.nib must be gotten corrupted somehow.

Best regards,

von Wilfried Bernard www.mcwareusa.com

Hi, I Tried your new version, obviously changed today (Febr, 10. 2009) and wanted to give you an heads-up because it seams to be brocken!
As to what I found out so far, the - (BOOL)_canBecomeDefaultButtonCell is missing your AMIndeterminateProgressIndicatorCell class which produces an exception.

Best Regards,

von Jonathan Mitchell www.mugginsoft.com

This is a great bit of code. Good design and implementation means that it works with bindings out of the box. The column controller class does not subclass NSTableColumn, but perhaps for good reason. When I tried this column dragging choked.
Ran without problems on Leopard, Xcode 3.0 and Garbage collection enabled.



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